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Trend of Green Seedling Trend
In 2011, Miao City was in full swing. Almost all varieties were in short supply and prices soared. After the spring of 2012, there are two phenomena in the Miao City: one is that the local tree species in the north, especially the seedlings of Sophora japonica, Pewter wax, Luan tree and weeping willow, continue to soar, and their prices keep up with the specifications of Ginkgo biloba. Secondly, some large and medium-sized trees (such as ginkgo biloba, catalpa) and shrubs (such as clove, forsythia, honeysuckle, Pearl plum, sardium) have declined steadily, while some prices have been falling all the way. In autumn, there may be a small wind and small waves in Miao City, but there will be no big waves. In November, there will be a period of market activity due to greening project construction, nursery nursery nursery nursery nursery nursery nursery nursery nursery nursery nursery nursery nursery stockpiling, but the overall dynamic will be relatively stable. Due to the lack of resources, the price of some varieties is very fragile, which will be affected by some social fluctuations, but this fluctuation is only temporary and will not have a great impact on the Miao market.
In fact, the price change of seedling market is not unexpected, it is completely in line with the market law. The price of seedling is determined by the relationship between supply and demand in the market. Because of its strong applicability and resistance, wide suitable growing areas and large social demand, especially the growing scarcity of medium and large size seedling resources, the price of native trees in North China, such as Sophora japonica, Pewter wax and Luanshu, has reached its peak, and is expected to decline steadily in autumn and in the next three years, but there will be no significant decline. When the seedling price reaches a certain height and the market is unacceptable, people will take countermeasures such as seeking alternative varieties, introducing field resources and adjusting design to cope with the difficulties of resource gap and cost increase.
The price of Ginkgo biloba in the coming producing areas keeps rising, and the expectations of the main producing areas for the price increase are getting higher and higher, resulting in the phenomenon of reluctance to sell. Due to the financial pressure and lack of confidence in market expectations, as well as the limitations of applicable areas and real estate policy regulation, prices have declined year on year. Prices will not change significantly before this winter. Small shrubs and ground cover plants are difficult to rise in autumn due to their short breeding and propagation cycle, large resources in production areas. Colored belt plants such as Euonymus japonicus, Euonymus microphylla and Ligustrum lucidum will continue to decline in autumn due to the high cost of stockpiling seedlings in winter, and some products will be sold in advance.
It is also reasonable to reduce the price of Cluster Golden Leaf Ulmus. It is difficult for a new variety to go on the market on a large scale for more than five years. When "Golden Leaf Ulmus is everywhere" and "Golden Leaf Ulmus is everywhere", its price will naturally fall to a rational level. However, due to its strong cold resistance, there is a large demand market in Northeast, Northwest and other areas, and the price will not be lower than Ligustrum lucidum in the next three years. Jinyeyu, a highly branched and independent product, will remain a popular product in the market for the next two years, and its price will not fall sharply. Due to the increase in the number of vegetation cover plants and the wide application of wildflower combinations, flower lawns and aquatic plants in large-scale environmental greening projects in recent years, the price decline is also expected, and the price will stabilize for a period from 0.1 yuan to 0.2 yuan for a bud.


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